Our school: Collège Emile Zola, Kingersheim, Alsace, France:


A summary of the first weeks :

End of March to the Easter holidays 2014 :
The weather was really nice in Alsace so the pupils could work in the garden and were so happy to be outside!
They finished the borders

,took out most of the stones from the earth and even started sowing seeds.. (potatoes and onions.)
Some others finished their research for the calendar of growth.

This is how the garden looked on May 5th :
The pupils planted seeds of radishes, carrots, beeroots and even corn ! They covered the seeds with universal compost and watered them.


On May 19th :
We watered the garden and removed the weeds. It was a shiny and beautiful day.
And ... SURPRISE !! A journalist came to see us and interviewed us about our project SEED and what Europe really meant for us. We were proud to hear that he was going to write an article for the next Thursday !!

And .. here is the article ! :

On June 16th :
We did a lot today : we had to remove weeds in some of the squares and we also had to remove some beetroots we planted because they were too close to one another. We planted them somewhere else.


We also planted some beans next to the wall.

We watered cucumbers' seeds ...
... and finally we had a reward ... we could eat some radishes grown in our garden !!

On June 19th :
Some of Mr Ducottet's pupils in 6eme had a skype session with Liverpool and had great fun !


external image CD_4161.gif
On Monday 8th , some of the pupils from the club could eat vegetables they had picked up in the garden... Because we have a lot !!
Well done guys, you did a good job last year !

At the end of October, pupils started making flags with bottle tops and pictures from magazines in order to decorate the future Comenius SEED corner.
2014-11-06 13.23.26.jpg2014-11-06 13.24.01.jpg
2014-11-06 13.23.46.jpg

After the holidays they finished the flags and made Christmas baubles out of various cans (they want to offer them to our partners when they come at the end of November.)
2014-11-06 13.25.08.jpg2014-11-06 13.25.47.jpg
2014-11-06 13.26.12.jpg2014-11-06 13.28.12.jpg2014-11-06 13.51.06.jpg

On Thursday, Nov. 13th.
Some pupils dug holes in the garden in order to plant apple trees when the Comenius partners are here.
Some others (from 4eme) started organizing the tour of the school for the partners.

On Thursday, Nov. 20th.
End of the activities already started. The pupils are ready to present the school to the partners. Some others finished the baubles.