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On Monday 8th , some of the pupils from the club could eat vegetables they had picked up in the garden... Because we have a lot !!
Well done guys, you did a good job last year !

At the end of October, pupils started making flags with bottle tops and pictures from magazines in order to decorate the future Comenius SEED corner.
2014-11-06 13.23.26.jpg
2014-11-06 13.23.26.jpg
2014-11-06 13.24.01.jpg
2014-11-06 13.24.01.jpg

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2014-11-06 13.23.46.jpg

After the holidays they finished the flags and made Christmas baubles out of various cans (they want to offer them to our partners when they come at the end of November.)

On Thursday, Nov. 13th.

Some pupils dug holes in the garden in order to plant apple trees when the Comenius partners are here

Some others (from 4eme) started organizing the tour of the school for the partners.

On Thursday, Nov. 20th

End of the activities already started. The pupils are ready to present the school to the partners. Some others finished the baubles.

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2014-11-06 13.25.08.jpg
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2014-11-06 13.25.47.jpg

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2014-11-06 13.26.12.jpg
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2014-11-06 13.28.12.jpg
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2014-11-06 13.51.06.jpg

At the end of November we hosted our Comenius partners. They were delighted to discover Alsace and really appreciated the baubles we made in the club.


While the partners were in France, our headmaster showed some pupils how to plant apple trees:


In December 2014:
The pupils from the club made fat balls with seeds to feed birds and they hung them on trees.

They also created greeting cards for the New Year.

In January, a sign language teacher came to the club to tell stories to the pupils. She told stories (in French and in sign language) which were related to the garden.
We also cleared the ground in the garden and we started making a booklet about the garden with games, recipes, a lexical part French-sign language.

In English, some pupils created a survey about food habits and were in charge of asking the questions to relatives or friends. We looked at the results in class.

On March 19th.
The pupils in the club listened to stories in three languages (German , English and sign language. )
Afterwards, they went to the garden and started organising the planting for the second year : we made groups and each group will be in charge of one planter. We can't wait to work in the garden !

On Tuesday 24th.
A group of pupils from 6e and 5e started working on the organisation of the swap market day. First they had to give a definition of "swapping" . Then they created a survey about needs and habits and finally they made sketches for posters.

On Tuesday, March 31st.
The pupils went round the school and asked questions for the survey. When they had finished they counted the results and analysed them.

On Thursday , April 2nd.
In the seed club, some pupils prepared seedlings for salad, parsley and marigolds.

On Tuesday, April 7th.
Some pupils wrote official letters to invite people to the swap market day and some others continued to work on the posters advertising that day.

On Thursday, April 9th.
At the club, The pupils went on preparing seedlings for the swap market day. (basil, various kinds of flowers and chive).

On Tuesday, April 14th.
We finally chose the posters and flyers we want to use for the swap market day. We also made a list of what will be necessary for the d-day and started thinking about the decoration we want to have.

On Tuesday 21st.
It was a sunny day so we could start preparing the planters for planting.
The following weeks ...
We went on organizing the swap market day . We made a scarecrow ...
...and we built a shed for the tomatoes because it was quite rainy and we wanted to protect them.

D-DAY : Thursday, May 28th.
Thanks to the Comenius project and our hard work we could organize our swap market on Thursday 28th from 4 to 6 PM. It was really successful : parents were happy to see what their children had done and the pupils were really proud to present their products and give information or explanations.
There were different stalls : one for the seeds, one for indoor plants, one for herbs, one for flowers and another one for food as our pupils kindly offered cakes they had made and organic fruit juice. Everybody agreed to say it was a success and the experience had to be repeated !!